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Lo scorso 13 gennaio il sito ha pubblicato un articolo scritto da mio marito Luca sul nostro blog di cucina vegana.

Come sono felice!!! 🙂

Ecco il link  e il testo dell’articolo.


VEGAN STYLE: Fashion or philosophy of life?

Recently we have heard a lot about products and trends: Bio, Eco, Green, Vegan, etc…

But is it a fad, a system to create new business opportunities or a real philosophy of life?

Years ago I also asked this question of myself and my wife Valentina, so today we can tell our story:

It all started about ten years ago when I was living a period of euphoric youth, tilting against all laws of nature. I found myself the victim of a simple accident that gave me the opportunity to stop and reflect, during a period of partial immobility. Then I wondered if and how I could still defy the laws of nature, such impeccable universal systems, surprisingly perfect since the dawn of time!

It was at this time that Valentina and I began seeing each other, and even then she was sensitive to issues related to nature and to man. We were both passionate about personal growth, and we began our gradual search for a Balance in life, a path that has led us to the study of the main sources of “Energy”, among which we mention positive thinking, physical activity and nutrition. And it was precisely through the power which, through the search for ideal health and vigorous vitality, has developed in us a great passion … the kitchen!

Today my wife and I live with enthusiasm and great satisfaction following what nature gives us and teaches us. I’m lucky to be able to transmit all this through my work, creating useful and sustainable wood products. While at home, when we can share the magical moments of tranquility, our creativity merges and allows us to give to family and friends moments of natural, sustainable, and delicious food. The whole formed strictly through the use of products of plant origin!

We no longer seek fads nor radical idealism, to be pursued at all costs, but simply we seek to dance, day after day, to the tune of the beautiful melody that nature always gives humanity!
We believe that the facts are much more important than words, therefore, evidence of this, we invite you to visit our vegan cuisine blog at

Happy reading!

Luca and Valentina Tondin Lunardon blogger at


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